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‘There goes his chance of managing the club!’ – Legend issues honest Leeds United opinion: The verdict



Former Leeds United player Gordon Strachan has issued an honest assessment on the current situation at Elland Road.

When asked on Sky’s Big Debate what it would take to get Leeds back in the top flight, he answered; “Lots of money! Somebody with some real cash! They get 35,000 there. We sit there and go why? They’re the one club – well maybe them and Aston Villa – who would add to the that league, everything about them. The excitement, the colour, the noise that comes from Elland Road.”

We offered our verdicts on Strachan’s comments….

George Dagless

There goes his chance of managing the club!

On a serious note, though, it just goes to show how hard the club must be to manage right now.

They aren’t the biggest side in the league financially and reputation can only get you so far.

The players need to start rolling their sleeves up realise who they’re representing – that might be a start.

Jay Williams

It’s one thing spending lots of money and it’s another thing spending that money wisely.

Leeds do not necessarily need to splash the cash for the sake of it; they need to change their transfer policy.

In order to achieve promotion to the Premier League, Leeds need to stop buying so many unproven foreign players and try to snap up some domestic talent instead.

Alfie Burns

After the year Leeds have had, it’s hard to not agree with Strachan, as things look pretty grim at Elland Road.

Money obviously needs to be spent, but that doesn’t always guarantee success.

It’s a big summer for Leeds, but nobody can predict what the next 12 months will bring.

Chris Gallagher

It’s hard to disagree with him.

The fans have had to go through a lot of tough times over recent years and they hoped things would improve under Andrea Radrizzani.

That hasn’t really happened and they can’t really compete with the bigger spenders in the league which is always going to make promotion a massive challenge.

Gary Hutchinson

To be fair to Strachan, he doesn’t have a great record of taking teams from the Championship into the Premier League, so he couldn’t really be expected to plot their course through the next few years in a brief interview.

The frustrating thing for fans is that most of them at least know where they could make a start.