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‘There are signs of that’ – Has Thomas Christiansen been too stubborn with his Leeds side?



Leeds United manager Thomas Christiansen has tended to stick with the same formation for the duration of the campaign.

The Danish boss has only tinkered with his team selection, and tends to not make any sweeping changes when it comes to the first-team.

Is there an argument that the Leeds boss is too stubborn with his team and formation?

The writers here at Football League World have had their say…..

Alfie Burns

It would be harsh to say he was stubborn with the personnel in his starting XI, as Leeds have often made slight changes to their team in most fixtures.

However, Christiansen is stubborn with his formation, with Leeds very rarely switching from his favoured 4-2-3-1.

That system has suited Leeds under Garry Monk last year, and Christiansen this year. However, Monk’s downfall was his inability to notice when that formation was being exploited, and Christiansen needs to discover a ‘Plan B’ if he is to take Leeds to the next level.

Chris Gallagher

Firstly, you have to say what a magnificent job Christiansen has done in his short time at Elland Road.

However, he has been stubborn at times.

The manner of the defeat at Millwall should’ve been a real eye-opener for the Leeds boss.

Yet, the same type of team have lost against Cardiff and Sheffield Wednesday in similar circumstances.

Clearly, Leeds need to make changes when they’re away from home and Christiansen must’ve seen that by now.

George Dagless

There are signs of that.

He’s getting this criticism thrown at him a lot lately and you can understand it with the same system being used despite recent losses.

It’s at times like this where the better managers need to thing of something new to get their side out of a rut and it’ll be a real test of his credentials to see if he can do that.

Adam Simeoni

Interesting question.

Christiansen certainly has his favourites, and perhaps persists with some when he should make changes.

He may have no choice this weekend following back to back defeats, and we shall really see whether the Dane has a plan B.