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‘Should Wolves consider selling him?’ – Just what has happened to this classy star?



Amongst all the positivity surrounding Wolves at the moment, it’s hard to look for negatives but there may be one, the current situation involving Helder Costa.

Costa was a leading light last season as he began to suggest what Wolves could do if they signed players like him, something the club has duly done.

What might concern Wolves fans though, is that he has got nowhere near close to the heights of last season, even when he has played.

More than likely, this is down to his lack of match-sharpness but he has been physically fit for a while and he’s a young player too, shouldn’t he be close to the levels of 2016/17?

At one point last year it looked tough to see how Wolves would keep him, that problem has moved on to other names in the side now.

Diogo Jota and Leo Bonatini are in similar positions, as the club looks to make their loan deals permanent amid the worry others will swoop.

It begs the question, then: Should Wolves consider selling him?

It’s the kind of notion I’d expect to be greeted by gasps, it’s also the kind of suggestion that I don’t think will happen just yet.

Costa, despite being off of the boil, is a young player and will surely still improve under a manager like Nuno Santo.

He should be given the chance to do just that, then, but with Wolves the most ambitious club in the league arguably, they’ve got to be ruthless, too, and so even someone as good as Costa can be will be moved on in time if he doesn’t reach their highest demands.

Thoughts, Wolves fans? Let us know below!