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Paths for football lovers



There are many paths to go if you are a football lover. Some of them are hard, some are easier. It all depends on how important the sport is in your life and how much are you willing to sacrifice for it. You can go professional and become part of the sport or keep your distance and just enjoy it as a fan or bettor. 

Be a player

The most obvious one is becoming a football player. It connects with countless hours of training, so it might be tougher for family people, since players are rarely at home. It is a huge responsibility as there are hundreds of eyes on every single move you make, you are the idol and you are standing behind the team wins and loses. Players have to be prepared for injuries, because even if they are in good shape when starting their career, the impact can destroy their body in one wrong turn. And finally it costs a lot to become a football player since no one will spot a casual guy in a niche club to offer you a contract without proper commitment, so either you have to pay for it or invest a lot of time. It can be a rewarding career, but you may lose money and time achieving nothing because others had better connections.

Lead the team

Next career path is to become a trainer. It is more than certain that you should be a player first. To become a trainer, it is necessary to work your way up in your current club or convince someone with money and connections to give you a chance. You don’t need as much training hours as a player, since sometimes you need to finish necessary courses and examinations. But still you have to be top notch, because there are not a lot of people who can become trainers and it pays well if you are one. You may gain connections in sport institutions and groups to achieve a higher position. You have to care about your players like family, since their skill is based on how much effort they put into training sessions. Given that, trainers often sacrifice family relations for the club and players.

Keep the game with the rules

Next path is becoming a referee. You need to take courses and examinations in order to get a licence, but knowing all the rules is not everything. You are running after players on the field all game long so your stamina needs to be on top notch and sometimes you end up injured too. It might be an interesting career as well, since you are the one that has a huge influence on game end result. It is not that rewarding since you are getting paid for every game and it is enough to live from it, but you can’t earn much since there are a limited amount of games. It might be an interesting career as well, since you can impact the end result a lot more than a trainer or player does.

Predict the outcome

Quite an interesting path to go for football lovers is bookmaking. It is connected with a lot of research from matches, odds and probabilities. It might be a rewarding career to go or it might not pay so well, depending on your luck and knowledge about the sport. You can open your own bookmaking firm if you are good enough. Bookmaking activities require deep understanding on what and to what extent influences results of matches and provide that information on how to count the odds for the game.

Fan Number One

If you are not willing to make football your career path, you can always become the best fan of your team. It means going to every single game, wearing jerseys, screaming for your idol and being ready to stand up in case opposing fans dare to insult him. You have to be fit and able to sing 90 minutes long, even if you are losing. It means consuming beers, sausages and swimming pools of beer after the match. It might not be rewarding when you realize that your favourite player changes teams for money, but it does not matter when your team wins anyway and you can share the joy with other fans.

You can always mix the paths and become a betting fan, or playing trainer. One path does not always exclude other ones, you can be part of a team playing in matches or train players and at the same time bet on who will win in different games. Check the rules though, because sometimes there might be some restrictions for professionals in in-site or online betting/online fogadas activities.


Football is a great sport and many people are connected to it, either as players or fans. If you are in love with the ball, there might be many paths for you to go and get satisfied from it, since everything is possible when people have strong will and work hard on their dreams. Whether you are fan, player, trainer or bookmaker – with every step you take on your football path, you might get a better example for others to understand what true passion is.

You might be a top notch professional at the end of your career path but it does not matter since all that matters in this world is how much love and devotion you give to your beloved sport.

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Article title: Paths for football lovers

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