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Martingale Strategy in iGaming: Does It Work?



While gambling at any online forum, it is necessary to have a few rules set for oneself in order to succeed in the endeavour. The first and foremost rule that every gambler must-have for oneself is to know the rules of the game through and through. The second rule should be to understand the terms and conditions of the online casino. The third and possibly the most important rule is to have one’s own strategies while playing a particular game at a casino.

A basic strategy for gambling gives one the benefit of playing hands in a planned manner. Gamblers can judge the most optimum way to make their moves during the gameplay thereby increasing their odds of winning the round. However, in this article, we will specifically talk about the Martingale Strategy and how effective it is on iGaming platforms.

Martingale Strategy – About It

The Martingale Strategy is one of the most well-known strategies in the gambling world. It is the most frequently used strategy in Roulette. The principle of this gambling strategy is that the gambler increases his bet every time he encounters a loss. This increases the bet amount with every bet leading to winning back the entire amount the gambler had started off with and lost after every bet.

After this, the gambler bets with the starting bet amount yet again. Even though the Martingale Strategy is easy to understand, it is not fully easy in terms of implementation. Not always is this Roulette strategy efficient no matter how logical it may seem. As a reason, Roulette players who have a fair amount of experience under their sleeves do not approve of this strategy very much.

The pitfall of the Martingale Strategy is quite prominent and glaring. In the next section, we shall talk about the reasons why Martingale Strategy is not preferred by seasoned Roulette players.

Pitfalls of the Martingale Strategy

The entire point of the Martingale Strategy is to keep increasing the bet amount which eventually leads to a win that pays off the money that has been lost. However, do not be mistaken – it does not pay all the money that you have lost in the initial bets but does so only partially. So it is a very bad idea to test this strategy at UK sites for betting that take credit cards and take a cash advance. The chances of making a win by increasing your bet amount serve well only in the short run. The amount that one might win if they win at all is much smaller compared to the money they have lost to get that far.

Thus, the point of the Martingale Strategy lies behind betting in big amounts to win only a part of it back. Furthermore, most of the Roulette wheels come with limits on the bet amounts. In the event that a gambler has not managed to make a win, he may hit the maximum bet limit before he can recover any of the money he had lost to get that far in the game.

If luck is not in your favour, the loss can be brutal. This is because as the bet amount doubles, one runs a higher risk of losing it at every round. On a losing streak, a gambler ends up losing a lot more compared to his initial bet.

Are Casinos Afraid of Martingale Players?

Online casinos always have the advantage when it comes to the house edge. The game has been developed in such a way that no matter what the odds shall always be against the players at the table. Thus, the strategy you pick does not serve you in any way to reverse the house advantage. In this case, the Martingale Strategy can prove to be ruthless by giving all your money to the casino.

A straight answer to the question is – no. Online casinos are not afraid of the Martingale Strategy as even if the player does encounter a win, it will be much smaller compared to the money he ends up giving to the casino. Thus, this strategy proves to be profitable for the online gambling platform more often than not.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for small wins over a short period, you can try the Martingale Strategy to earn a few bucks. Else the progression is not worth the risk if you are looking to play a smart game.

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Article title: Martingale Strategy in iGaming: Does It Work?

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