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Journalist addresses growing Sunderland fears as financial rumours swirl



Sunderland are beginning to look like a side on their way to League One as the points gap starts to grow with under ten games left in the league.

Of course, it isn’t over until it is over, especially in the Championship, but you just have to look at the shape the club is in to feel that they are starting to look destined for another drop.

League One status could prove a real disaster or a new starting point for the Black Cats, it remains to be seen, but negative rumours about what the future holds are certainly in the headlines more than positives right now.

Fortunately, for Sunderland fans, though, suggestions that an announcement of the club going into administration are wide of the mark for now – as per James Hunter on Twitter:

Whether or not this remains the case in the coming months, though, could be up for debate.

The Verdict

Going into administration is the last thing the club would need right now but it seems that that isn’t going to happen for the moment.

There must be worries about such a situation manifesting, though, with the Black Cats continuing to struggle financially as well as on the field.

Thoughts, Sunderland fans? Let us know below!