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‘It’s not the worst idea’ – Bielsa reveal shows the lengths he goes to for Leeds: The verdict



Leeds United supremo Marcelo Bielsa has his players watching videos of Man City, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, in an attempt to instill the possession based style of play advocated by current City manager Pep Guardiola.

Bielsa firmly believes when his team have the ball they are control of the game, and it is only when you start kicking it long that you create doubts and you lose the momentum of the game.

So what do you think of Bielsa’s interesting methods?

We discuss…..

Jay Taylor

Decent idea.

You can see the benefits, it will help them understand the positioning and movement of world-class players at elite clubs.

But that should only serve as a guide, you can never fully emulate individual or teams as a collective, you need to find your own style of play and identity.

Leeds should have no problem with this but it does not hurt getting inspiration from others to help bring what Bielsa is trying to do.

If the players want to buy in they will and they will be receptive if they don’t they won’t.

After last Sunday’s performance, it looks like they are all in with Bielsa and his methods.

Jay Williams

It is good to see Bielsa encouraging this crop of Leeds players to better their game.

By studying the very best of the game, they know how to improve and can strive to be the best player they possibly can be.

Bielsa is a fan of in-depth studying and analysis of all of the intricacies of the game.

Whether his players will get the same out of it remains to be seen but it is worth a try.

Gary Hutchinson

Why not? Anything that gives a side an edge, any little advantage they can grab should be seized upon and developed.

Bielsa clearly has a way of wanting to play and however he chooses to impose that on his players is up to him.

George Dagless

It’s not the worst idea.

Leeds’ players aren’t at that level but what’s the point in being in the game if you don’t aspire to be the very best?

They won’t start playing like these sides but adopting certain features of their game would be obviously a good thing.

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