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Golden board opportunity, fans not counting chickens: What Wilder’s comments might mean at Sheffield Utd – opinion



Watch Sheffield United with serious interest this season because they’ve a great chance of getting themselves into the top flight come the end of the campaign.

The Blades have been excellent this season and it’s clear that they are more than well-equipped to strike should the likes of Leeds or Norwich slip-up.

In saying that, then, they’ll be looking to keep the group together and recently Chris Wilder has said that the club is looking to get new contracts sorted – with the board in charge on that front:

With that in mind, then, we thought it might be worth a look at what different areas associated with the club might be thinking about the news.

Let’s start with the fans…


Rightly, whenever there is news of new contracts there is excitement but Blades fans won’t be counting their chickens just yet.

There seems to be some peace in the boardroom right now but if things go wrong here how long that lasts remains to be seen.

Chris Wilder

Wilder has left it with them, he’ll be hoping that they deliver what he wants.

The boss isn’t one to mess around – if he isn’t getting it his way he’ll be more than ready to walk. He’s left the ball in their court and will hope for the optimum return.


There is peace in the boardroom, but who’s to say it won’t flare up again.

For sure, getting these contracts right will be a nod to the rest of the club that things are in order and heading in the right direction.

It’s an opportunity for the board to show the progress they’ve made.


Players don’t tend to get too involved with the politics of a football club but they’ll hope that the right players are signed to new deals.

You want to feel you’re at a club capable of progression – seeing this go well will only boost morale.

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