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Exclusive: FLW Editor Sam Rourke speaks to Josh Wright: Talks Phil Brown, lowest career moment and more



28-year-old Josh Wright is not your average League One footballer.

Boasting over 90k followers on Twitter, and over 60k on Instagram – the Bethnal Green-born player has an extensive fanbase.

Having played for the likes of Charlton Athletic, Barnet, Brentford, Gillingham and more in his career, Wright now finds himself at Essex outfit Southend United.

FLW Chief Editor Sam Rourke caught up with the player to talk all things football….

What have you made of Southend’s season so far?

The players, fans, and staff all want to be in a better league position compared to where we are now.

Obviously I joined on late and missed the first few months and pre-season, but when I came in we made a good start, we had three wins in a week, and you start thinking, here we go, this is going to be something good.

But football throws challenges at you and we’ve had a lot of injuries, lots of long-term, niggling injuries right the way through the season – and to have that at any level, you can suffer and it’s been tough.

We’ve had some good moments, beaten some big teams, but we’ve also lost some games which we shouldn’t have.

Over the last three or four weeks, we’ve dropped off and it’s been a tough time but listen, I love being at the club, the gaffer is brilliant and I’ve really enjoyed playing under him so far.

At the end of the day, We’re underachieving and we know we can do a lot better.

Is the main objective for Southend to stay in the division, and not get relegated?

Of course it is, but I firmly believe we should be looking up rather than down.

We’ve got the ability, we’ve got the depth – with the January window still open, I’m sure the club will bring in for three or four players to strengthen the side.

With the gaffer in charge, we are only looking up.

Our aim is to finish high up in the top half of the table in my opinion.

How’s the injury?

It’s a grade two, and that can be anything really, you can get back in four weeks, and sometimes it’s 12 weeks.

Mine was quite a bad grade two C and it looked more like a grade 3 with what I’d done to it but I believe I’m a quick healer and i’m hoping i’ll be back out on the training ground in the next four to five weeks.

It’s a minor setback, i’m rarely injured but i need to take the positives, I can freshen up, strengthen up and come back fitter.

What’s it like having Phil Brown as a manager? He strikes me as quite a character?

If you do well for him and you take on board what he wants and you are what he wants, then he’s very good with you.

I’ve only had a few months with him but i’ve really enjoyed myself – when you’re doing well for him he’ll reward you and if you’re not, he’ll let you know about it in the right way.

He’s very straight down the line, very analytical – he’s got a Premier League mentality.

A few personal questions now, what has been the best moment of your career?

There’s been a few, it’s hard to pinpoint one – There’s always positives but there’s also negatives.

My hat-trick of penalties last year for Gillingham was a particular highlight. Also scoring a goal against Man United, it was a great feeling.

We’ll flip the coin, what has been the worst moment of your career?

Probably leaving Scunthorpe in the summer – I broke my metatarsal during the off-season and had offers from other clubs. It put me in a sticky position as I was out of contract.

A handful of more light-hearted questions now, who is the worst dressed at Southend?

To be honest, there isn’t that many to choose from as most of the boys are local and come in in their tracksuits.

If I had to choose one, it would have to be Dru Yearwood – He’s not the best dressed.

Who is the best dressed at Southend?

It’s a tough one, I’d have to say myself or Michael Timlin.

Whether it’s just coming into training or he’s going elsewhere he’s always pretty smart.

Who’s the DJ in the dressing room at Southend?

It’s Ryan Leonard but he’s just been sold to Sheffield United, so I’m not too sure who’s going to takeover now!

What footballer did you look up to as a kid?

Frank Lampard, we are the same position, so if it was anyone i’d say Lampard.