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Blackpool fans must be feeling like a huge weight has been lifted after boardroom reshuffle



Blackpool fans will be delighted this morning after despised owner Owen Oyston was finally removed from the board of directors at Bloomfield Road.

His daughter Natalie Christopher has also been removed after the club were put into receivership on February 13th. New directors have been appointed with a strong football background and big steps have now been taken to move the club away from the recent upheaval.

To call it a troubled period would be a wild injustice to the long-suffering fans who have ended up staying away from their beloved club to hurt the owner. The financial mismanagement has been well documented, as has the club’s fall from the Premier League to League Two.

They’re back in League One now and the fans are close to being able to return back to their home ground and watch the club that they’ve had to stay away from. They’ve observed from afar as it’s withered away to a shadow of its former self and whilst it’s far from free of the troubles that have dogged it, there’s suddenly light at the end of the tunnel.

The recent news must be a weight lifted from the supporters. They’ll know there’s no end to the current trouble, but it has to feel like a big corner has been turned. Financially, there’s still no clear way forward, but on the field they’ve been holding their own. That’s important, and they need to remain clear of the bottom four no matter what happens.

If they can do that and the next few weeks bring more forward steps, perhaps they can look at returning to the club. It won’t happen straight away, there’s still questions over ownership and a few issues to be cleared, but the hard-working staff at the club won’t want this to drag on any further either.

There’s been a huge break up at Bloomfield Road in the past, two sides of the same argument split by the owners. The staff and players have to stay put for their wages, but they’ve lost the fans. Those supporters appreciate the people they’ve left behind, but don’t want to financially feed into it any further.

Now, more so than every before, the moment where the two can be united is approaching. One day soon the fans will stream back through the turnstiles and the famous Bloomfield roar will be heard once more, only this time it’ll have more emotion and passion behind it as people brought together under tyrannical rule finally win out.

It will make them stronger together and spurn the club forward in ways they can’t imagine right now.

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