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Beaten all ends up: Aston Villa & Birmingham stars’ battle highlights Second City gulf in class



The Second City derby took place at the weekend and it was Aston Villa who took the spoils as they beat Birmingham City 2-0 at Villa Park.

From pretty early on, it looked as though Villa were going to be the side in the ascendancy despite both sides coming into the game in good form.

Indeed, they probed and prodded as the Blues looked to punish on the break but it wasn’t until the second half when the goals came.

Ultimately, though, the home side did deserve it as they demonstrated an extra bit of class and few battles summed that up more than our latest FLW Duels subject – Jack Grealish v David Davis.

From fairly early on in the game it looked as though Grealish was going to be the subject of a fair few challenges in the game from the likes of Davis and his team-mates.

The Villa fan let it all bounce off of him, though, as he put in a sublime performance and rose above the potential chaos that could have consumed him.

Indeed, a man of the match display instead ensued as the likes of Davis could not get near him for much of the game, resulting in plenty of fouls being conceded.

Grealish, didn’t lose out to Davis in any of our stat categories during the match as he let his class do the talking on the pitch and that largely reflected the game as a whole.

Whilst Birmingham were not particularly poor, Villa were just too good in the end.

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