It is an age old argument which many tend to steer clear of, the debate around who is the biggest club out of certain teams and why one is better than the other now or historically.

There can be points made across the board as to what constitutes a big club and what doesn’t. Do you base it on historical trophies? Do you go with how big the global brand is? Or do you go with where that team currently sits.

Teams like Nottingham Forest, two time European Cup winners, now sit mid table in the Championship, but does this mean they are not a big club any more? Coventry City, who spent years in the Premier League, are now sitting in League One, are they still a big club, or can they not justify that tag any more?

Cases can be made across many of our cities, and no city has such a heated rivalry as in Sheffield, where United and Wednesday are seemingly constantly at loggerheads with each other over who is the bigger club.

There are plenty of reasons the Owls will be considered the bigger club – bigger stadium, better average attendances, longer in the Premier League – but to this day many Blades fans still argue the point.

Here in the opinion of FLW writer Lee Connor, are FIVE reasons that Sheffield United can be considered a bigger club than Wednesday…….